DK Flowers 第一本关于花卉的书绘本

DK Flowers 第一本关于花卉的书绘本

Hardback cover of Flowers

About Flowers

A first nature book about flowers for children, this is the perfect companion for kids eager to learn about the world of flowering plants.

Flowers don’t just grow in the garden, they can also be found on mountain-tops, by the seashore, and even underwater!

In Nature Explorers: Flowers, children are encouraged to investigate and record all the wildflowers they find and get hands-on with fun activities, from pressing petals to planting a mini desert filled with cacti.

About the series:

The Nature Explorers series is a fantastic first set of books on the great outdoors for children aged 6 to 8.

From birds, to weather, to the seashore, and more, the key topics of each subject are explained with plenty of fun activities to do along the way, encouraging kids to investigate and record everything they see.

Fully updated with a contemporary design, DK’s Nature Explorers series is perfect for kids who are curious about the world outside and want to discover nature



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