Master TOEFL Junior series A2 B2 PDF+音频


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Master TOEFL Junior series A2 B2 PDF+音频

Each book in the Master TOEFL Junior series includes a carefully researched and detailed guide to each part of the TOEFL Junior Test. This series was designed to give test-takers the skills and knowledge needed to obtain a high score on the TOEFL Junior Test.
This guide is for students who wish to assess their grasp of the communication skills necessary for participating in an English language learning environment. The TOEFL Junior Test provides parents and educators with objective information about improvements in a student’s English ability over time. It also serves as a comprehensive measurement that can be helpful in gaining students admission to selective educational programs. This book will be a great asset for EFL students who wish to enter middle schools and exchange programs across America.
This book contains eight parts, each of which has a special function.
The Orientation: This portion of the book
The Diagnostic Test: This section of the book will assess your current reading ability. The diagnostic test tells you your reading strengths and also what you should focus on to improve your skills. Additionally the diagnostic test gives you a grade you can refer back to once you take the practice tests to see how much your reading skill has improved since you began this book.
The Question Types: This segment of the book gives you a detailed look at each question type on the TOEFL Junior.
The Hints: Here is where you will learn tricks and hints to help you answer each question type successfully. This section also includes methods you can use to recognize specific question types and the test’s traps used to trick you into answering incorrectly.
The Example Question: This portion of each strategy unit illustrates how a specific question type appears in a reading passage. Each example question is an opportunity to practice answering a specific question type on its own before you encounter it mixed with the other question types. Each example question is followed by a full explanation, providing the correct answer and reasons why the other choices are incorrect.
The Practice Tests: Each unit has four practice tests to give you a chance to answer 4~8 questions of each question type before trying out the actual test at the end of this book. The practice tests will show your improvements on each question type as you study their specific units.
The Review Tests: There are 2 review tests to help you gauge your level as you work through the book. Review test 1 covers units 1, 2, and 3. Review test 2 covers units 4, 5, 6, and 7.
The Sample Actual Test: The last section of this book is your chance to see what you learned and how much you have improved. It will give you a feeling for what you should expect on the real TOEFL Junior test.

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