DK Knowledge Encyclopedia series 知识百科系列(一套6本高清完整版:太空;人体;历史;科学;恐龙;知识)


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DK Knowledge Encyclopedia series 知识百科系列(一套6本高清完整版:太空;人体;历史;科学;恐龙;知识)



  1. Space! Knowledge Encyclopedia >>>单独购买点此进入
  2. Human body!>>>单独购买点此进入
    The ultimate kids’ guide to the human body, with computer-generated 3-D imagery that shows them the body as they’ve never seen it before, from the award-winning publisher ofKnowledge Encyclopedia.
    This visual encyclopedia includes astonishing, all-new 3-D.
  3. History! >>>单独购买点此进入
    The Past As You Have Never Seen Before, Knowledge Encyclopedia
  4. Science! Knowledge Encyclopedia >>>单独购买点此进入
  5. Dinosaur! >>>单独购买点此进入
    Created in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution and packed with fun facts on fossils, amphibians, sea creatures, woolly mammoths, Neanderthals, insects and more, Dinosaur! will intrigue readers and provide an experience that will redefine natural history for kids.
    The lost world of velociraptor, stegosaurus, allosaurus, and other prehistoric monsters come to life as never seen before in Dinosaur!
    Packed with photorealistic computer generated images, detailed cross-sections and cutaways revealing the inner workings of dinosaurs, simple annotations, and clear concise definitions explaining each dinosaur and prehistoric beast at a glance — Dinosaur! revives the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Eras and brings young readers into the action.
  6. Knowledge Encyclopedia >>>单独购买点此进入
    A bold new approach to family reference that uses 3-D rendered images to explore the wonders of the world in unprecedented detail-from such categories as space, the human body, and history.
    Created in association with the Smithsonian Institution and using the latest CGI technology to illustrate concepts, Knowledge Encyclopedia is divided into six chapters-Space, Earth, Nature, Human Body, Science & Technology, and History & Culture. These chapters combine with a reference section in bringing a wide range of topics to life. Illustrated with fascinating facts, maps, timelines, and graphics, this reference book makes complex subjects easy to understand.
    Knowledge Encyclopedia is the perfect resource for kids, whether to help with homework or to pique their curiosity.
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