DK Animal Antics (2020) 滑稽的动物

DK Animal Antics  (2020) 滑稽的动物

Hardback cover of Animal Antics


动物滑稽动作充满了有趣的动物活动照片。 留意山羊出没在意想不到的地方,斑马和黑猩猩为相机咧着嘴笑,以及可爱的花栗鼠和鼓鼓的脸颊。 除了高质量的图像外,每个页面还包含有关您喜欢的动物的令人难以置信的事实,包括它们的出行方式,喜欢吃的食物以及它们如何保持凉爽或保暖。


About Animal Antics

Have you ever wondered how ants carry up to 50 times their body weight? Or why sloths move so slowly? Discover the answers to these questions and more as you laugh along at the hilarious pictures in this fun non-fiction book for kids.

Animal Antics is jam-packed with funny photos of animals in action. Look out for goats popping up in unexpected places, zebras and chimpanzees grinning for the camera, and adorable chipmunks with bulging cheeks. Alongside high quality images, each page features mind-boggling facts about your favourite animals, including how they get around, what they like to eat, and how they stay cool or keep warm.

Children will love this fresh glimpse into the lives of loads of weird and wonderful animals.

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