DK Nature’s Wonderland: Animals and Plants from the US and Canada


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DK Nature’s Wonderland: Animals and Plants from the US and Canada

Go on a thrilling adventure and discover the amazing natural landmarks and diverse wildlife of Canada and the USA. There’s nowhere on Earth like North America… From scorching deserts to frozen tundra, dense rainforests to coral reefs—this continent has it all! In this captivating nature book, children can take a tour of the most amazing environments across Canada and the US, the two biggest countries in North America. Children aged 7-9 can learn all about incredible natural features like Niagara Falls — and find out which North American waterfall is actually higher! Get to know the unique animals that live only in southern Florida. Find out which species can survive in Death Valley, the hottest place in the world. Full of amazing photographs and charming illustrations, this fascinating nature book is your ultimate guide to the amazing natural wonders, wildlife, and environments of Canada and the USA. This educational book for wildlife lovers features: – More than 200 entries on incredible natural landmarks, plants, and animals from across the USA and Canada – Beautiful illustrations, stunning photography, and engaging text are combined to make dynamic, scrapbook-style collage pages – Chapters each split into broad regions such as western USA, with pages that focus on significant sub-regions within the area, such as the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountain – 30 feature pages that go into detail on key natural features across the region Nature’s Wonderland is the perfect book for children who are fascinated by nature and curious about North America’s habitats! With engaging information and absorbing photography, this book is perfect for children to explore by themselves or with an equally curious adult.

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